About Us

Envolution is an environment-friendly repurposing company that transforms the way materials from businesses and schools dispose of their waste. Instead of going into landfills, they are repurposed into new products such as furniture, jewelry, and art fit for every eco-friendly buyer. Determined to develop trendy products our consumers will enjoy, Envolution will not only develop eco-friendly products but donate 10 percent of our profits back to safe school initiatives.

Social and Enviromental Responsibility:

Envolution is a company that values the importance of environmental issues, and as an eco-friendly company, we transform materials that have been disposed of from schools and businesses. Our company understands the current struggles with overflowing landfills and we face these struggles head-on by making products that decrease the amount of waste. One of our main goals is to keep schools safe. Envolution understands that the current violence and dangers in schools are growing so we decided to donate ten percent of our profits back to schools to help stop that.


Robyn Tunk


Hi, I'm Robyn Tunk. I am the CEO of  Envolution. I am also a senior at Somonauk High School and this is my first year  in V.E. I am so excited to lead my team and have a great/successful year.

Garrett McNurlan

Director of Marketing

Jesse Tollefson

Director of IT/Design


Our IT/Design team is always working on improving and providing maintenance to our website.

Our HR team is always at work making sure our team is completing tasks and helping the customers with any problems.

Noah Gabrys


Howdy! I'm Noah Gabrys, COO of Envolution. This is my first year in V.E. Some of my hobbies include sports and gaming! I'm excited to be taking on this leadership role and cant wait to have a great year!

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Blaise McGowen

Director of Accounting

Annabella Britt

Director of HR

Our Marketing team is always finding and making new ways to make us the best choice and bring you the highest quality.

Our Accounting team is always managing our finances and prices of all products making it reasonable for you the customer.

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