Furniture and Home

Filing Cabinet - $350

We used scrap metal to create filing cabinets to store all your papers, records, files in an organized and beautiful way.

Chair - $300

These beautiful, nostalgic chairs will bring a strong memory into your household, being made out of old bleachers.

Shadow Box - $350

Show off your accolades and achievements by displaying them in this beautiful glass display case designed from an old text book.

Shadow Box Table - $1,200

The perfect way to display the objects you value most in a trendy and artful way. This box is created from reclaimed wood keeping it out of landfills.

Bleacher Table - $1,500

A sure to be showpiece and topic of discussion amongst your peers with this beautiful one of a kind, quality crafted, table made out of aged bleacher wood.

Desk - $400

These stylish desks, made for an efficient workspace in your bedroom or college dorm.